by Payless Building Supply of Lodi


Fasteners (Nails, Screws, Bolts, etc.)

8d or 16d Galvanized Box Nails 50 Lb. Boxes

Hot dip galvanized nails resist rusting and ACQ corrosion.

Galvanized Nails

$64.99 per 50 Lb. box

1-3/4" EG AT Square Cap Raised Dimple HD Roof Nails

ElectroGalvanized Threaded Shank Square Cap Raised Dimple Roofing Nails

48 PCS 50Lbs Boxes = 2400Lbs(Retail Value $4200+)

$725 Tax Included per Pallet

2-1/4"x.148 Spiral Shank Vinyl Coated Plastic Collated Strip Nails

21° Full Round Head

Fits most 20°-23° Plastic Collated Strip Framing Nailers

Spiral Shank Vinyl Coated Strip Nails Nail Box Label

48 4000PC Boxes $1000 out the door

Great for pallets and roof sheeting!

4d HDG(Hot Dipped Galvanized) Nails

48 PCS 50Lbs Boxes = 2400Lbs(Retail Value $4750+)

$725 Tax Included

1-3/4" EG Roofing Nails

48 PCS 50Lbs Boxes = 2400Lbs(Retail Value $4750+)

$725 Tax Included

3/4" EG Roofing Nails

48 PCS 50Lbs Boxes = 2400Lbs(Retail Value $4750+)

$725 Tax Included

3/8"x10" Carriage Bolts

Perfect size for window and door board ups as required by the state of California

3/8"x10" Carriage Bolt

  1. 98 PCS $85 Tax Included
  2. 200 PCS $170 Tax Included
  3. 200 PCS $170 Tax Included

3/8" Flat Washers

100 PC Boxes

$5 per box + tax=$5.39 total

3/8" Nuts

200 PC Boxes

$10 per box + tax=$10.78 total

Connectors(Hangers, Ties, etc.)

Simpson DTT2Z Deck Tension Tie

These are required for handrail posts for decks. Includes SDS screws in package.

Great price at $6.49ea for singles

USP Connectors HDO412TF

Heavy Duty 4x12 Top Flange Hangers

HDO412TF 4x12 Top Flange HangerHDO412TF Top Flange 4x12 Hanger

$80 Tax Inc 8pc Boxes, $11.99ea for singles

Simpson 8x8 Column Cap CCQ88SDS2.5

Heavy duty column cap with SDS Screws

MSRP $159.80ea our low price $75ea

Simpson Stong-Tie Single Truss Clips

Simpson model STC

200pc boxes $65 Tax Included (Thats about $0.30ea; List price $0.75ea)

Simpson Strong-Tie S/HD8 Holddown

Simpson Stong Tie S/HD8 Hold DownS/HD8 Box

$165 Tax Included 8pc Boxes (MSRP $35.57 per bracket, that's $306.61 with tax for a box)

Simpson HW410X Offset Heavy Duty 4x10 Top Flange Hanger

$19.99ea (MSRP $51.84ea)

Simpson HW610 Heavy Duty 6x10 Top Flange Hanger

$21.99ea (MSRP $52.40ea)

Simpson HW88X Offset Heavy Duty 8x8 Top Flange Hanger

$28.99ea (MSRP $52.96ea)

Simpson ECCLL666 or ECCRR666 Heavy Duty Column End Cap

$125ea (MSRP $196.96ea)

Simpson THAI222 I-Joist and SCL Hanger

Adjustable Truss Hanger 1.5 in. x 9.25 in up to 14 in.

$8ea (MSRP $15.62ea)

Simpson TSB2-24 Truss Spacer Bracer

Discontinued and replaced with TSBR2-24

Still a great product and a great deal 50 PC boxes $75 Tax Included


Stanley 10-099 Retractable Utility Knife

Box of Utility KnivesStanley Utility Knife

6 Carded for Resale Classic 10-099 Stanley Retractable Utility Knives per box

$13 per box tax included


Hardboard/Cement Siding Butt Joint Covers

Various patterns 100pc boxes, Call for patterns and availability

6" $15/box

12" $25/box

16" $30/box


Drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products generates wood dust and other substances known to the State of California to cause cancer Avoid inhaling dust generated from wood products or use a dust mask or other safeguards to avoid inhaling dust generated from wood products. Wood products emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. California Health and Safety Code Section 25249.6